From Katherine to Mt Isa – two days, 1300kms

.Packing up and leaving Katherine at 6.45am early Saturday morning was quite a feat, but we did it, as expert caravaners we are now. 😜 We knew that the next leg of our journey was to be a long one. We had not planned where our next destination was going to be that evening, however, we got underway at sunrise and headed south towards Tennant’s Creek on the highway that runs from Darwin via Alice Springs to Adelaide. We thought with the three of us driving, we could accomplish about 150 kms each, which may not sound a lot, however, towing a heavy caravan, and driving between 80-100kms in a 130kms speed highway, (yes, Northern Territory has an open highway speed of 130kms – the huge road trains must love it!) and stopping to see only two things along the way. 

The first deviation off the main highway was to see the memorial cemetery of the author, of (book and movie fame) “We of the Never Never”. It was 9 kms off the main road and was the first time on our entire trip that we saw an abundance of kangaroos and wallabies. Many were standing on the side of the road and bouncing back into the bush as we drove past. The other deviation was to a little town named Daly Waters. It was an old novelty township, featuring a small outback pub space covered in remnants from the past including oodles of ladies bras, thongs, and car number plates, hanging from the ceiling and walls. There was a lack of good scenery, a few million ant/termite mounds and some dead trees, and we noted that nearly every car that passed us had a caravan in tow. Apart from the odd, three or four carriage, road train, caravans, hire camper vans, we passed very few sedan cars. Don’t ask us how we ended up driving well over 780kms on our first day, this beating our record which we set driving across the Nullarbor Plains, some six weeks ago of 700kms in just one day.

We pulled into one caravan park to do a one night “drive through”, however, the cost was quite astronomical, compared to what we have been paying. So, we moved onward further and ended up camping at Banka Banka Station for one night. This long drive was 520kms and this made our total two days, 1300 kilometres. 

We have found these stretches of road to be the longest, and dare I say it, “the most boring”. We hold good memories of our journey so far, and we are all looking forward to heading home. We turn left at the “Three Ways” and head towards Barkly Homestead and Mt Isa. I had not visited Mt Isa since 1978 (will tell that story next article) and Julz had flown in for work a few years back. Maybe one night in Mt Isa will do us, then through “The Outback” of central western Queensland and on or way home. Yay!!


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