Julz reflections on Shark Bay to Carnarvon

A greeting or showing kindness, or a smile to a stranger brings a wonderful reward to my heart. There are so many people we have had a short acquaintance with, who, like so many people in the city are lonely and disconnected.Denham/Shark Bay is a sleepy little lovely seaside town, which has a Fishing Competition currently running this week. We have found that most of these towns have regular marketing promotions/festivals/competition to gain the almighty tourist dollar. 

We visited a couple of little fishing areas, however, decided not to drop a line in, we have found that rather that ‘fishing’, we have been ‘fish feeding’! 

Monkey Mia dolphin feeding starts at 7.45am, and is 28kms from our caravan park. It is really wonderful that they are vigilant at protecting the dolphins in their natural habitat. 

We also looked at Eagle Rock, professed to be able to view sharks, stingrays etc below – the water was so clear, however, we did not anticipate the tide would be so low, so no fish. Dad has been noticing that there is no or limited barnicles/oysters/algae etc on peers and pillons on the water. A gentleman told us today that there has been a dramatic increase in water temperature, which may account for the barnacles etc. Offshore here there are a multitude of gas and oil rig extractions in the sea – might be an issue to increase the heat of the water???

The landscape on the road north is now typically Australian – red dirt, not a lot of water. 

Carnarvon was an interesting little town, with surprisingly an area of large mansions on canals on the waterfront. There was an exceptionally large amount of fruit and vege growing on the highway on the way out of town. 

In my queensland arrogance, I believed that Qld beaches were the best in Aust. I now think that WA beaches are up there – in a different capacity of unspoiled and naturally raw – they are really exceptionally peaceful and serene – love them!!💗💗👍👍

From Carnarvon we move onto Karratha.  Greg will tell that part of the journey next….


2 thoughts on “Julz reflections on Shark Bay to Carnarvon

  1. Love readi g your blog we are in Perth now. I wish i had your eyes to see with so much love and adventure after that LONG ROAD ÑULAABOOR PLANE i lost all of it
    I’m still willing hoping the ride up north through Darwin then back home
    I’m not a caravan person
    Sending you both LOVE Nd continue the LOVE JOURNEY


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