Perth to Port Denison …

Our last night in Perth saw us ditch the idea of our host, Jamie, cooking for all of us, so we decided to dine out at a local restaurant, Embers, just outside of Kalamunda, in the hills of Perth. Joined by Jamie’s two daughters, Amber and Blayz, along with Leonie, Jamie, Bet, Ron, Julz and I, we had a great farewell dinner. Seven days was our longest stop over on our adventure.
The next morning, early as always, we packed up, said our goodbyes, departed and headed north to our next stop over, Port Denison/Dongara, on the Indian Ocean Drive.

Stunning, huge white sand dunes present to our left. The rain following us up from Perth, all the way. To our right side, clear skies, to the left (west out to sea) rain and black skies.
The townships of Port Denison/Dongara are beside each other and they have some large beachside homes and many beaches to visit and explore. It is so unspoilt, except for the wind and rain (and chilly temp for us Q’lders 😜) it is a beautiful place to spend some quality time. However, that was not going to be, as we want sunshine again (which we had lost back at Bremer Bay) and we are all keen to get back into our shorts once again.

A quick, one night stay in Port Denison, and we are up in the wind and rain to head further north, driving quickly through Geraldton city to a little beach side place, Kalbarri, on the coast, with Indian Ocean views.

This small, beachside town is about 100kms off the main highway, past the most amazing pink salt lakes at Port Gregory, and apparently was not developed until the early 1950’s.

Fisherman enjoyed the population fishing spot, so we decided two nights should do us to try the local fishing.

We went to Red Bluff Beach so Julz and Ron could throw out a line. Within ten minutes she caught her very first fish. Hoorah, a Salmon, however, too small, so she threw it back in. Nothing else was caught after a few hours, so we took in the surrounds and enjoyed the beaches.

The interesting thing we have observed is the lack of “road kill” on the highways or side roads. In fact, very little wildlife has been observed on the roads, unlike South Australia. The roads have been excellent to drive on and no roadworks going on, except for one spot down in the south west of WA.

We took time out to enjoy Kalbarri, it was Mothers Day, so Bet and Julz relaxed and we took them out for dinner at a local cafe (overpriced, under quality – Black Rock Cafe, no recommendation from any of us).

On Monday we packed up camp and headed 400 kms towards a world heritage marine park – Shark Bay. We clicked over 10,000 kms today, since starting back on 29th Of March, and headed north to a beautiful beach side town of Denham.  

Apparently the dolphins are prolific and so are the fish, we will have another go.

Maybe we can catch some fresh fish one day soon, I’m starving ……


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