Margaret River to Mandurah

Driving from Margaret River was a very windy and rainy journey. We have been fairly lucky with great weather, so we cannot complain too much about the turn. Mind you, it is also colder than it was in Albany (although being Queenslanders we all feel the cold more). We drove through Busselton and Bunbury without stopping (weather was bad) and we continued to our camp site at Mandurah.
We set up and decided to catch a movie. Julz and I went to see “Eddie the Eagle”. Not a bad yarn and a bit of a relax and a laugh. Ron and Bet passed on the movie and had a long walk with Gypsy, the dog.  

Our first day we decided to scope out Mandurah, the third largest city in WA. Population is about 80,000 people, mainly baby boomers and retirees, who have transformed the area surrounded by water and inlets into a – sort of Gold Coast. It is a fast growing area and has a vibrant feel about it. It is about one hour from Perth, so I can see why it is like a Gold Coast “wanna be” of sorts.  

The city centre is fairly bland, nothing to see that excites us. We did have a look through an art gallery that had some awesome photography on display. We also walked around a Marina that has a boardwalk and a nice aspect to it. The sun decided to shine through, so we took a quick half hour drive to a local national park – Serpentine Falls. Julz and I were slightly disappointed with the tiny falls, however, the wildlife and nature, were certainly worth the visit. Friendly kangaroos, parrots galore and wonderful natural bush and trees. We are really enjoying this nomadic lifestyle.  

The last day at Mandurah and it is time to do a spot of fishing. Weather is still cold and wet, however, it is decided we do it before moving our caravan to Perth on Friday (tomorrow). 

Julz is getting a good opportunity to bond with her Dad and they are trying to catch tonights dinner – Salmon.

As i write this, they have zippy zero. A few dolphins have swum by and we know the fish are here – just not their day – so far….



2 thoughts on “Margaret River to Mandurah

  1. We are loving your journey… we are right behind you but not feeling it as you are… right now i am just tired… however loving watching you FLY WITH LIFE MUCH LOVE TO YOU TWO


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