Albany, Denmark and arriving at Margaret River

Staying at a caravan park in Albany on the beach was really lovely. The area we have travelled through to get here has been extremely green, so lots of rainfall and cloudy skies, and a wee bit cool! The sand is very white and fine , however, there is an abundance of seaweed which has prevented us from fishing. Dad has been anxious to drop a line, although the fish you have the possibility of catching here are extremely different from Queensland. We went to a picnic place where an estuary met the beach – beautiful and peaceful… 

It is interesting travelling with a different generation and the foods that we have compromised on eating with both sides. It has been difficult to get fresh fruit and vegetables, as we have not found any specific shops, and have compromised with buying not the freshest at IGA, or starve! (IGA’s are in abundance in the country areas)

Caravan Parks ‘frequenters’ are super friendly and have shared their travelling info freely with us, which has been invaluable and we have visited places through these recommendations that have been extraordinary that we would have unfortunately missed – a bonus!

The Sandalwood Factory was worth a look too.  The Sandalwood trees are a native to WA and the oil is extracted for perfume bases (Chanel etc) and for scenting incense.  This factory exports all over the world from trees grown in northern WA.  

Denmark – a fabulous place which we, being ‘eternal hippies’, fitted in with extremely well. Lots of hip shops, very similar to what we left behind in West End, although the feeling they are struggling as evidenced in signage of ‘business for sale’ in the windows.

Arriving in Margaret River overnight after following an arduous twisted, turning narrow road for some of the time, took a lot longer than we anticipated. We left at 8am and arrived at 4pm, with admittedly a stop at the ‘Valley of the Giants’ tingle trees at Walpole for morning tea – incredible viewing. 

The trip is an extraordinarily rewarding experience of newness. It is always great to get out of your comfort zone to explore, and I am really grateful of the shared experience with my soulmate.


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