Eyre Penninsula to Fowlers Bay


(Julz article)

There is no doubt that South Australian Peninsular coastal beach towns are pretty and not at all like Queensland coastal beach towns. They are smaller, very friendly and even though the weather has not been great for the last couple of days, have a really nice energy and feel to them. We visited Venus Bay, Streaky Bay, Coffin Bay, Elliston and at present are staying at Fowlers Bay.

If you can imagine this – sand dunes about 20/30 metres high, 20 metres from the beach, an absolutely magnificent site, very unspoiled, almost as if you are one of the first people to have made a footprint in the sand since The First Nation People, explorers and Matthew Flinders first came here!

Greg and I climbed to the top, with a view into the bay that was indescribable! The water a stunning greeny blue and aquamarine, only darker in the places where there is overgrowth of seaweed. Here conservation is king. No one is allowed to disturb the seaweed growth for coastal business progress, very remarkable and enlightened in this day and age, wonderful to view and see.

Lots of old heritage buildings with signage and information plaques outside. A really nice place to visit that we would recommend for a break. We thought we would begin our first foray into fishing, and catch our first meal ;), unfortunately, Dad spoke to the local fishermen and they were catching squid and leather jacket! Yuk! Won’t be fishing here, will wait till further on…

Greg cooked tonight – Atlantic salmon (from the freezer) with roast spuds and salad, with the addition of herbs from the garden in the caravan park. A couple of the caravan parks we have stayed in have had herbs in the garden for the ‘caravaners’ to use – a really nice touch!

Off onto the Nullarbor Plains tomorrow, very exciting, as it is somewhere that neither Mum and Dad or we have been yet.


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