Coffin Bay to Ceduna.  Rain, more rain and clouds.  


We have been so lucky with the weather for the last week of our travels, however, on the way to Coffin Bay on the South Australian, Eyre Peninsula, the first sign of grey skies appeared. Coffin Bay seems to be a beautiful spot, renowned for their fresh oysters, which none of us like, so we drove further up the coast road to spend the night in a caravan park at Elliston.

I must say that the distance between all these places is approximately 150 – 200 km of nothingness, just paddocks of stones and dry grass.
We observed larger stones (about the size of footballs) lined up against the Flinders Highway, a remnant of prior fencing that stretches along the 100’s of kilometres of paddocks. Stones too big for Julz fossicking antics. 😜

It rained for the first time last night and we can only surmise that the farmers will be very happy, which is a good thing for them, however, not so happy for travellers. We are ok with this for them, as the cold front comes with the rain.
We pack up camp and travel a short distance to Venus Bay, as we heard from a few happy campers that this was the place to “throw in a line and catch some fish”. Now to just say upfront, that Julz and I are not great fisher- people, however, Ron is a seasoned pro. Mind you, he hasn’t fished anywhere the last week. Last night we bought him some fresh Whiting fillets, as he thought it was time to try some local ‘catch’, even though he wasn’t the catcher. 😀

We arrived at Venus Bay, checked out the caravan park, and were advised from some campers that the space was not great in the rain. Back into the car and headed north to try some other caravan parks, rejected by three, due to bring booked out.

So another long drive and we have ended up in two nights at Ceduna. This is one the last major towns sitting on the edge of the Nullabor Plains. Ceduna, South Australia, is 480kms from the Western Australian border and then we proceed another 920 kms after that (total 1400 kms) of pure straight roads. This trip should take us, approximately four days to cross the Nullabor Plains. We look forward to sharing this part of our journey when we get coverage on our Vodafone ( NO da Fone ) network in about 5 – 6 days.

This could be when you read this (writing this on 6th April ) with no way to access any internet to post this………(the digital detox is going ok, no withdrawals yet …. ). 😜


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