Port Augusta ponderings


(Pondering by Julz)

There is the most beautiful breeze. Greg, Gypsy (the dog), and I are walking along the shoreline at Port Augusta, our first stay in South Australia. This shoreline is unusual, as the sand meets the bush. Anyone who knows me knows my preference for the beach, rather than the bush, however, this spot with just the right amount of sea breeze, scattered shells on the shore, and the fantastic company of my soulmate, makes for an absolutely perfect late afternoon stroll. Today has been a day of changing countryside, from drought ravaged sheep and goats to prairie style expanses of green. It was Greg’s turn to drive up into the Flinders Range and down the other side – lots of knuckle clenching moments!

We have noticed that the country towns we have been passing through have a quiet desertedness about them. Beautiful old houses, shops and structures, with lots of retro and rusty old cars and trucks strewn around empty and disused paddocks. It touches your heart to see the empty spaces, where human occupation has left an impression, and now has become unloved and abandoned.

The clouds in the ever-changing sky are amazing. A brilliant and creative artist has lifted a brush and feathered strokes of genius on canvas.


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