Broken Hill and Silverton, NSw


After driving in a very straight line from Cobar to Broken Hill, we really had little thought or idea about the size of this oasis heritage city, Broken Hill. With a population of over 20,000 people, built on the back of the original BHP Company (stands for Broken Hill Proprietary Company) established back in 1885 – mainly mining (raping the land) for iron ore then steel. So much history here, along with Silverton – a small village about 26km outside of Broken Hill, where they mined silver (hence the name). We were told by a local Silverton photographer that the original BHP was formed in thriving Silverton before being set up in Broken Hill. Silverton has a small population of 50 people now, hosting many art galleries plus a Mad Max 2 Museum. Yes, Silverton was the setting for Mad Max 2 and a crazy fan and his wife (from England) have set up a museum for Mad Max.

Other things we didn’t know about – and now do, are that 30 art galleries and museums are widely spread across the district. We visited a few and the most amazing one is a HUGE picture, by artist Peter “Ando” Anderson, that took two years to paint. THE BIG PICTURE. Mainly because it is 12 meters high and 100 meters long. The acrylic painting represents many of the attractions in the area. It is almost 3 dimensional and I sneaked a quick pic (but is not a true representation of the art) – but it, however, gives you a taste of his style. Certainly put it on your travel bucket list to visit.

We also went to the Living Sculptures which were commissioned back in 2000. Large stone sculptures in a stunning bush setting. See pics below.

The city is recognized as a Heritage listed city, being the oldest mining area in Australia.
We were very impressed with Broken Hill. You could easily spend a week here to explore. No fossicking, so Julz is a tad sad.
Now this caravanning is a real eye opener. So many bits to do each time we set up, or pull down. Great experience and very grateful to the whole new way to explore this beautiful country. Some minor challenges with the outlaws, however, they would equally say the same about us. 😄. Card games are fun at night – everyone now joining in. Yay!!

Now we are all packed and heading over to Port Headland, South Australia.

Some random pics at Broken Hill below..


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