LEARNER DRIVING – A (NO) crash course in caravinning.

LEARNER DRIVING…..(article by Julz) – see below Creative project 
Driving a car towing a caravan with a total of 5 tonne weight and 47 feet long is challenging. Dad decided that Greg & I would start out as apprentices in the front passenger seat. 
I was first up. Dad said not to go over 90 klms per hr. We had not realised that most of the weight loaded in the caravan was on one side. I found out quite quickly that if I was going over 80 klms per hr, the caravan swung from side to side at the rear yanking the car with it. On a downhill stretch, I had everyone in the car shitting themselves, (Mum actually shrieked!) while I tried to slow down and gain control of the car and van. Very scary at the time, however, we can laugh about it now, as we survived. 

Needless to say, we did a bit of reorganisation in the van, and day 2 was a far better drive – thank goodness, as we have 

another 98 days of driving to go! 🙂 

We passed the test successfully. So far, so good. 

After staying a night at Uralla, we ended up going to check out a very funky chapel at Gostwych, as recommended by our friend, Lisa. Photos below show you why it was worth the small drive out of Uralla.


I have started an idea of creating a hand dyed memory project at the end of, and to commemorate our adventures with Mum and Dad. I have been collecting different leaves, flowers, bark etc to use and dye either to use in a wall hanging, jacket, spirit doll or other art projects. 

So far I have some purple wildflowers from the side of the road at Torrington, eucalyptus leaves and bark from Tenterfield and some beautiful pink/red/gold maple leaves from Uralla. It will certainly be interesting to experiment and find out the colours that I can get from the different collected flora. 


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