Gilgandra to Wilcania – the harsh, drought struck farming, plus a few hundred goats


We decided that today we would drive over 600 kilometres from our spot near Gilgandra, NSW, passing the town of Warren, Nevertire, Nyngan, Cobar and ending up camping at Wilcania.
The roads are full of “road kill” kangaroos and goats. Yes, lots and lots of wild goats roaming freely the side of the road which bring the foxes. We passed by many farms that are screaming for rain. They have had no rain torso long now, you can see the cattle and sheep struggling to survive. We were lucky enough to see over 100 large open multi- semi trailers on a rescue mission in Cobar, loaded with feed donated by other farmers to help those hit by the effects of drought.

We pulled into a sheep shearing museum and met a local shearer, Terry, who, aged 57, started shearing at 14 years old.

I have a video of Terry sharing his story with us, I will upload soon.

Terry mentioned that, as an example of the decline of Australian Wool Industry, there use to be 13 contractors in Nyngan and today there is only one. Most sheep shearers end up passing away by 60, because the job is one of the hardest on your back in hot, harsh conditions. Hats off to them all.

It is day three with the “outlaws” and all is going well so far. Ron (Julz Dad) at 88 years young, is a real inspiration. He and I have enjoyed the nights playing cards and a good laugh.
Julz also has found it great to make these valuable memories with them too.

Tomorrow we head off on a small trip to Broken Hill. We intend to stay at least 2-3 days in Broken Hill. Maybe it requires fixing…. However, if it ain’t broke we can’t fix it 😃 (that is a sad dodgey joke btw) 😜


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