Our Mole Station (Tenterfield) camping experience + our first day on the caravan road trip to Uralla…

(Article by Greg)

For over 21 years, Ron and Bet (Julz Mum and Dad – “the outlaws” 😉 ) have a family tradition at Easter time.  Most of Julz brothers family and life long friends, Carol and Gordon, all camp on a 6000 acres farm outside of Tenterfield called “Mole Station” (owned by a family of third generation cattle farmers). 

(L to R) Carol, Zila, Julz, Gordon, Eliza, Natalie, Ron and Bet.

After our fossicking adventure, it was the place that we hooked up with Bet and Ron, along with Gypsy (their English Springer 6 year old dog) and the caravan.  After leaving our wonderful host, Amanda, in Inverell, we drove 2 hours on more  dirt roads to arrive on Easter Monday morning at 9.30am at Mole Station – in a beaut spot in a paddock by a creek.  


 We only stayed the one night at Mole Station, however, it was our first sleep in the caravan, which is our home now for three months. I suppose one can laugh at the adjustments and new experiences for us city types in the bush.

(Beware – dodgey nude showering in makeshift shower at Mole Station 😜✌️)

But the good news was the chance to relax ……


Tuesday saw us leave Mole Station and share the driving down to a small rural town of Uralla. This is our camp for tonight before we head off to our next destination in the morning.  We all got to share in driving the van – quite a load at 5 tonnes and over 45 feet/ 13.7 mtres (car and van size).

  The Van and vehicle.  5 tonnes.

Meet Gypsy – our travelling companion 


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