With one week to go, 29th March 2016, before we start our trip across Australia, it is great to reflect what got us here in the first place.

Julz (my life long partner) and I were running our own business, Dandelyon Gifts, a homewares and gift store in West End, Brisbane, for five years when we stopped to smell the roses, back in October 2014, and realised we wanted to do something different with our lives.
Our three kids had grown and flown, two down in Sydney, my Mum, brother and Dad all passed away and we realised that – “life is too short” and we needed to plan a world trip away.  To explore places we only dreamed about, like Petra in Jordan (Julz actually dreamt about it) and Egypt, always a fascination of mine, particularly the Mystery Schools, Art, Esoteric, Spiritual constructs and Ageless Wisdom.
So, here we are, in mid March 2016 – about to start on a caravan trip around Australia (our home country) with Julz parents, Ron and Bet, (the outlaws) in a caravan.  This should be a whole new experience for all of us, even though Ron (88) and Bet (80) have already visited many places across Australia, but never the Nullabor Plains or Perth to Broome. Never with their daughter, Julz and their son-in law.  So, here we are!

It is a true adventure just to arrive to this day.  Trying to sell the business, fully renovate our home to bring in some tenants whilst we see the world for seven months, down-size all our home stuff (many dump trips and thank you Gumtree, Garage Sales etc) we finally start to sell the excess cars a week from departing.  We have filled the two rooms with two great tenants and now to fill the upstairs house.  We just wish it was easier, alas, not in this lifetime.  We tried to sell our business early 2015, however, after many false starts, we saw the lease until the end of November and sold everything off – to clear the decks!

We are about to document our three months across Australia and share the highlights, pics and so on.  We get back, heading south and up across the top and over, in end of June 2016.  Then, Julz and I leave for four months to UK, Europe, Egypt, Jordan, USA and Canada.
This is the longest we have ever been away from home – this is our GAP YEAR!

and boy, are we excited!!!


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